1. Definitions

1.1) “PowderCab” shall refer to the company PowderCab SARL.
1.2) “Client” shall be the person that makes the booking for themselves or on behalf of other persons.
1.3) “Party” shall refer to all persons travelling under one single booking.
1.4) “Passenger” shall refer to a person within a party.

2. Booking

2.1) Instant Online Booking: Bookings can be made directly online with instant confirmation (depending on availability) by completing the booking form up to 48 hours before your travel dates/times.

Once payment is made, the Client will receive two confirmation emails:

x 1 email from the booking system to confirm the transfer, on which there will be: a booking reference number (5 numerical digits), a summary of the transfer details entered (please check again to ensure that these details are all correct) and an invoice (attached to the email). The Client must print out this confirmation email and bring it as the Party’s ticket to ride.
x 1 email from our payment provider to confirm payment (this will be in French & will have a payment reference number on it, but this is NOT the booking reference number).

It is the Clients’ responsibility to ensure receipt of both confirmation emails from PowderCab after payment has been made. IF ONLY 1 PAYMENT EMAIL IS RECEIVED OR DO NOT RECEIVE ANY EMAILS, THE BOOKING IS NOT CONFIRMED, AND THE CLIENT MUST CONTACT POWDERCAB STRAIGHT AWAY.

2.2) Bookings by contacting PowderCab directly (or when prompted to do so by the online booking form). PowderCab will complete a booking form on behalf of the Client & send through an email with a summary of the transfer details (for the Client to check & confirm) and a payment link to the secure online payment page, to confirm the booking. The payment link will ask for the full amount and will expire within 48 hours of being sent. The seat(s) will be reserved until the payment link expires, however, PowderCab reserves the right to cancel the link after it has been sent. Once payment is received, the Client will receive two confirmation emails as explained above.

2.3) Details needed: At the time of booking you must send PowderCab the exact details as per below:

– Name and number of people in the Party
– A valid email address
– A valid mobile phone number (the one to be contacted on during your stay)
– The exact travel dates
– The flight arrival number/departure airport (or train station)
– The name & exact address of your accommodation
– Any additional details – child booster/baby seats, bikes & other special needs

Without all of these details, it may not be possible to honour your transfer(s), and the Client may be subjected to charges.

2.4) Flight Details: PowderCab operate around the times the Client has given, so please ensure that the flight arrival time is not the flight departure time from the origin airport and that it is in local French time. For the flight departure, please make sure that they are not the flight check-in times; PowderCab only needs the flight departure time. Also, please check that the flight arrival number is not the airlines booking confirmation number.

2.5) Accommodation details: If the Party are staying in more than one place, PowderCab needs to know this at the time of booking. If the Party are staying in different places without informing PowderCab, the Party will be dropped at and picked up from the one accommodation location given by the Client at the time of booking. Key collection also needs to be discussed/arranged at the time of booking. If not, PowderCab will drop the Party at their accommodation, and they will need to make their own way to their key collection point as PowderCab may have a tight schedule to adhere to.

2.6) The accuracy of all booking details given to PowderCab is the responsibility of the Client. Once the details have been entered, they cannot be changed and are automatically sent to the scheduling system. If dates, times and other details have been entered with errors, charges will be incurred up to the full amount of a new transfer. If the Client notices that an error has been made, let PowderCab know with as much notice as possible and these charges may be reduced or quashed.

If the contact details of the Client are also entered incorrectly, meaning PowderCab cannot contact the Client, it is possible that the transfer will not be honoured and the Client will not be refunded. If any details on the booking form are incorrect, particularly flight dates or times, PowderCab accept no responsibility and may not be able to reschedule the transfer, especially on busier days. If a reschedule is necessary, then the Client will have to cover these extra costs (such as driver waiting time at the airport (25€ (Euro) per hour or part thereof), outsourcing to another company, admin fees etc.) or the cost of a new transfer if feasible.

2.7) Confirmation/Ticket: The Client must have their confirmation email (on which there is a booking reference number, booking summary and other useful information) and be able to show it to the driver (if required) as the Party’s ticket to ride (this can be in electronic format). It is the Clients responsibility to write the full names of the Party on this ticket and show it to their driver.

2.8) Travel details, Contact/Communication: The Client making the booking online, by email or by phone, accepts and is subject to PowderCab’s terms and conditions. The Client accepts the terms and conditions on behalf of the Party.

2.9) Contact/Communication between the Client and PowderCab:
The mobile phone number that clients provide must:

– Be the same phone to be used during their stay.
– Include the correct country code and be able to be used abroad.

2.10) Before flying: The Client should contact PowderCab by SMS when the flight is departing on time including the Client name and the confirmed booking reference number (if flights are delayed the Client should keep PowderCab updated with the new expected time of arrival).

2.11) In Resort: Although PowderCab has very good knowledge of local resorts, it is the Clients responsibility to have an accurate address, the name of the property and detailed directions to their accommodation or pick up/drop off point.

2.12) Return Transfer (from resort to airport): PowderCab will send the Client an SMS with the transfer time by 15:00 the day before the date of departure from resort. PowderCab work around the return flight time given by the Client, not any check-out times from the accommodation – to book around the check out time, the Client must have agreed on this with PowderCab at the time of booking. Any changes after booking confirmation may not be possible, or if they are, they may be chargeable.

2.13) Change of Details: The Client needs to inform PowderCab of any change of details ASAP. These changes need to be confirmed by PowderCab to ensure availability/document change and may be subject to a minimum admin fee of 20€ (Euro). Any new times, dates, destinations, numbers of people on board, may be chargeable at the full payment rate. If the change of details cannot be met by PowderCab, then refunds or the transfer(s) may not be possible.

2.14) Personal Details: Customer safety and privacy are very important and PowderCab will never disclose any billing information or email addresses to any other parties. PowderCab will only pass on mobile phone numbers to other transfer companies when subcontracting in order for them to contact the Client for the transfer. PowderCab may also add your email address to a mailing database to receive transfer offers in the future.

2.15) Door to Door Service: PowderCab will make every effort to take the Client to the door of the accommodation, however, if the accommodation is inaccessible due to weather conditions, lack of access or dangerous conditions, which means the vehicle(s) cannot access the accommodation, PowderCab will endeavour to drop off as close to the accommodation as possible (which may mean dropping (or meeting for a departure) at the end of the driveway). Please note that Avoriaz is a car-free resort and as such all customers will be dropped off at the Welcome Centre.

2.16) Avoriaz: Customers booking to/from Avoriaz (Top Station) may have to be taken to or picked up from the Prodains Express Lift if the road up to Avoriaz (19 hairpin bends) has been closed by the authorities, or PowderCab deem it too dangerous for their staff to complete the journey. This is very rare, but it can happen. PowderCab will be unable to offer refunds or help with the cost of the Prodains Express Lift as a foot passenger.

3. Payment and Pricing

3.1) Payment: At the time of booking PowderCab require payment by credit or debit card in order to secure the booking. PowderCab uses a secure online payment system which accepts MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and Carte Bleue.

3.2) Prices & Price Changes: At the time of booking the price the Client is quoted is the price that will be paid with all taxes and credit card charges included. If the Client has been quoted in the past and has not proceeded to the payment stage, then prices are subject to change (for example if a promotion has run out, availability has changed, or prices have been increased etc.). On shared transfers, customers in the same vehicle may be paying different prices due to different booking conditions, the flexibility from another customer, or for other reasons. If anyone in the Party cancels or is unable to travel for any reason the Client will still have to pay the rate that was quoted or charged – PowderCab must be informed of this change of circumstance ASAP. If there are any additions to the Party after the initial booking, the Client will pay the rate advertised on the PowderCab site for the new and extra passenger(s) as if it were a new and separate booking – PowderCab must be informed of this change of circumstance ASAP.

3.3) Although some shared services are advertised, PowderCab can sometimes only offer private services, especially for less than three passengers, for very early or late flights, for early or late seasonal dates or during the ‘interseason’. These prices are not subject to any promotional offers unless otherwise specified.

4. Cancellation Charges and Amendment Fees

4.1) All cancellations must be made by the Client by email. Cancellations must be made at least 14 days before the date of the first journey of the booking (after this time, refunds cannot be issued). When a cancellation is made at least 14 days before the date of the first journey of the booking, PowderCab will refund 90% of the amount paid minus any additional bank, administrative and rescheduling charges.

No refund will be made when a booking is cancelled, in whole or in part, within 14 days of the date of the first journey of the booking.

The Client will receive an email confirming the cancellation, and PowderCab will provide the Client with all relevant documentation to aid an insurance claim.

Refunds will be issued in Euros, and PowderCab will accept no liability for any loss due to exchange rates.

4.2) Bookings are non-transferable. If the Client would like to move the date of the transfer(s) to a later date, and should the original transfer date(s) be within 14 days of the date of the first journey of the booking, then no refund will be made. The new transfer(s) will be treated as a new booking, and a new quote will be provided.

4.3) Any amendments requested by the Client to a booking may be subject to a 25€ (Euro) admin fee.

4.4) Delays can occur for several reasons that are out of PowderCab’s control such as severe weather conditions, natural disasters, heavy traffic, road accidents, police directives, restricted vehicular access, other customers actions, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, war (this list is not exhaustive). Compensation will not be issued for return services that result in clients missing their flight when the circumstances are out of PowderCab’s control.

4.5) If PowderCab is unable to honour the booking due to circumstances within their control, a full refund or alternative travel option will be offered to the Client.

4.6) All last-minute shared transfers are non-refundable.

5. COVID-19 Booking Modifications and Cancellations


5.1) The Client may transfer their booking (subject to a 25€ admin fee) for a period of up to 18 months (from the date of the first transfer) or request a 50% refund under the following circumstances if at the time of travel:

  • the Client’s home government imposes a lockdown in their country of residence.
  • the Client’s home government advises against all but essential travel to the destination due to COVID-19.
  • the French government requires the mandatory closure of tourist accommodation or of the ski lifts in the booked destination resort on the booked travel dates.
  • the French government implements a mandatory quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers (EMA recognised vaccine).

5.2) Any other request for the modification or cancellation of a booking is subject to PowderCabs standard cancellation policy. This includes, but is not limited to:

the Client is unable to travel because of their travel provider (for example; airlines, ferry operators, Eurotunnel etc.) due to disruption caused by COVID-19, where the Client wishes to cancel or is unable to travel due to any member of the Party being required to self-isolate or quarantine in their home country or having been diagnosed with COVID-19 or not wishing to comply with government vaccine regulations in France or simply not wishing to travel. It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase appropriate travel insurance which would cover these cancellation/modification costs.

5.3) It is the Clients’ responsibility to notify PowderCab by email of any intention to cancel the booking as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. Failure to notify PowderCab at least 24 hours before the booked service will result in the service being non-refundable.

PowderCab will expect that the Client wishes to travel on the booked service, regardless of the restrictions put in place, unless PowderCab receives a cancellation informing them otherwise.

6. COVID-19: Health and Hygiene Policy

6.1) The Client agrees to the COVID-19 Health and Hygiene policy (https://powdercab.com/covid19/) implemented by PowderCab in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic on behalf of the Party.

6.2) PowderCab will refuse boarding to any passenger(s) who attempts to ignore or circumvent this policy. In such circumstances, PowderCab will not refund any transfer costs.

6.3) PowderCab reserves the right to modify their standard operating procedures to align with any French or Swiss government action, guidelines or law changes that affect their ability to operate in the standard way described in their Terms & Conditions. This may include, but is not limited to, extending or removing maximum waiting times on arrival at the airport and pick up lead times for departures from resorts. Meeting points and meeting procedures may also change.

6.4) The policy may be updated without notice so the Client is advised to check for updates regularly.

7. Insurance

7.1) PowderCab requires that the Client (and the Party) has the highest level of holiday/travel insurance at the time of booking our services, that includes force majeure events, resort and piste closure, cover for transportation costs to/from resorts, and winter sports cover. In the event of any delayed transfers (such as road closures, traffic, unsafe driving conditions, etc.) resulting in missed flights and other costly events, PowderCab will not be held responsible. PowderCab will provide the Client with all relevant documentation to aid an insurance claim.

7.2) PowderCab clients are only insured when inside a PowderCab vehicle. Passengers getting into or out of a PowderCab vehicle are not insured, and particular care must be taken when doing so especially when exiting the vehicle (there may be snow, ice, uneven ground or other things to trip or fall on/from, and traffic will be coming from a different direction). While every care is taken, the property of passengers is carried entirely at their own risk, and PowderCab will not take responsibility for loss or damage.

8. Flight Delays, Flight Cancellations & Rescheduled Flights

8.1) If a flight is delayed, PowderCab will wait at the airport for up to 40 minutes on shared transfers and up to 1 hour on private transfers when possible without extra payment due. After this time, a charge of 25€ (Euro) per hour (per minibus used for the size of your group) or part thereof is required. If, due to time constraints (other bookings or factors out of PowderCab’s control), the driver cannot wait for the delayed flight, PowderCab will try to assist the party with their onward journey on the next available transfer. If PowderCab has to put on another service to accommodate the delay then the Client will be charged the full rate for that new transfer. If PowderCab cannot assist they will attempt to make alternative arrangements and subcontract to other recommended service providers. Any extra costs will be the responsibility of the Client. Flight delays are difficult for all parties concerned and are entirely out of everyone’s control. Communication is key between the Client and PowderCab to ease these situations. PowderCab deal with flight delays on a case by case basis. Please remember that flight delays are a headache for all concerned and that it is not PowderCab delaying the flight.

8.2) One simple flight delay can disrupt PowderCab’s daily schedule for the whole fleet of minibuses, so the Client must be understanding of this (including private customers who may have to end up sharing with other customers in order to help you/them/us get to/from resort).

8.3) If the flight is cancelled, it is the Clients’ responsibility to contact PowderCab immediately, and Powdercab will try to reschedule the transfer where possible. Any rescheduling by PowderCab may be charged at the full price for a new transfer. PowderCab will provide the Client with all necessary documentation for an insurance claim.

One cancellation can disrupt PowderCab’s daily schedule so all customers must be understanding of this (including private customers who may have to end up sharing with other customers). Please remember that flight cancellations are a headache for all concerned and that it is not PowderCab cancelling the flight.

9. Shared Transfers

9.1) Shared transfers; Flights: The nature of shared transfers means that the Party may (or may not) be sharing a transfer vehicle with other customers arriving or departing on a flight which is scheduled to arrive or depart on or around the same time as the Party’s. These details are outlined on the PowderCab booking form when the Client has the option of choosing a shared or private service, as per below:

  • Shared Arrivals: with a maximum of 45 minutes in the winter and 1 hour in the summer between scheduled flight arrival times of other shared customers. If the Client is ‘tied in’ with other shared customers, then PowderCab may time the service around the latest arrival, and so a driver may not be there to meet the Client from the flight – in these cases, please wait at the Hub N Co Cafe in arrivals and inform PowderCab of your arrival. 
  • Clients arriving after 21:00 may have to wait for the last transfer of the day (in case of delays to other clients’ flights) once all scheduled passengers have arrived.
  • Shared Departures: with a maximum of 1 hour in the winter, and 1 hour 30 minutes in the summer between scheduled flight departure times of other shared customers.

If the other shared customers’ flight is delayed, the Client may have to wait until the other customers land unless another scheduled shared transfer is available. Similarly, if the Clients’ flight is delayed, other customers may have to wait.

9.2) Shared transfers; Route: The Client may be sharing the transfer with other customers who are staying in different resorts which PowderCab would pass through en route, for example, we pass through Les Gets to get to Morzine so we would, of course, drop the Les Gets clients off first (or vice versa on a return trip). Occasionally we may have to visit Samoens or Morillon Village en route, and we aim for a maximum of a 20 minutes detour. For example, some Morzine, Les Gets, or Avoriaz clients may have to go via either Morillon Village (only 4 miles off our usual route) or Samoens (only 7 miles off our usual route) en route to their resort (or vice versa on a return trip). PowderCab will always try to be as efficient as possible to avoid upset. This is a rare occurrence, and the Client must understand that this is a way to keep costs down on the shared option.

9.3) PowderCab use 8-seater minibuses, so groups of 8 or more may be split up into multiple vehicles. For example, if there are 9 in your the Party, we may split the group 8 and 1 between two 8-seater minibuses depending on our capacity.

10. Private Transfers

10.1) The nature of private transfers means that the Party have the sole occupancy of the vehicle as passengers, meaning that PowderCab will operate around the Client’s times and take you directly to your destination. We use 8-seater minibuses, so groups of 8 or more may be divided between 2 (or more) vehicles.

11. In Resort Departures

11.1) PowderCab will be responsible for scheduling all transfers. Requests for specific times/places can be made at the time of booking and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

11.2) The time sent to the Client via SMS is the time at which the driver needs to depart. PowderCab work around the return flight time given by the Client and not any check-out times from the accommodation – to book around any check out time then this must be agreed with PowderCab at the time of booking. Please respect this time (guidelines below), and if the Party are not ready at that time, please understand that the driver has a schedule to adhere to and may not be able to wait for you.

11.3) The final scheduling of the departure time rests with PowderCab, however as a general rule and for guidance, PowderCab will leave the resorts at the times below before a flight is due to depart:

  • Morzine: between 3 hours 10 minutes and 4 hours 10 minutes (usually 3 hours 30 minutes)
  • Les Gets: between 3 hours and 4 hours (usually 3 hours 15 minutes)
  • Avoriaz (Top Station): between 3 hours 45 minutes and 5 hours (usually 4 hours)
  • Avoriaz (Prodains): between 3 hours 15 minutes and 4 hours 15 minutes (usually 3 hours 35 minutes)
  • Samoens: between 3 hours 10 minutes and 4 hours 10 minutes (usually 3 hours 15 minutes)
  • Morillon Village: between 3 hours and 4 hours (usually 3 hours 10 minutes)

These times can be altered for a number of reasons including peak traffic times of the day (or to avoid them), when the mountain weather is inclement (snow, ice, cold, fog, rain, etc.), road conditions, other clients flight times and our daily schedule. On weekends an additional hour may be added onto these times (possibly more in some cases) to allow for the extra traffic, taking an alternative route to and from the airport and busier airport security.

11.4) Departure timings for shared clients, extra info: We base our departure timings from resort on all our customers’ flight departure times sharing your transfer. The collection times will be based on the earliest passengers’ flight time on the transfer and PowderCab will pick up passengers at their accommodations logistically en route. Therefore you may be leaving resort earlier than our standard departure times mentioned above due to other clients’ flight times and your location in resort.

12. Luggage

12.1) Luggage: Ski/Snowboard: PowderCab does not charge an extra fee for carrying ski luggage. Passengers are restricted to one piece of luggage, one ski/snowboard bag, and one piece of hand luggage. Passengers bringing unusual or oversized luggage should inform PowderCab at the time of booking and may be subject to a surcharge. The maximum length of the bag must not exceed 175cm (if your ski/board bag(s) is larger than this then we need to be informed before booking. Passengers bringing oversized or excess luggage may have to put some luggage on their laps or under their feet. Passengers must be reasonable with the amount and size of their luggage as other customers on their transfer will also have luggage. Each passenger is responsible for their luggage during loading, transport and unloading. PowderCab cannot be held responsible for any lost, damaged or left luggage. If a passenger leaves any luggage or items in a vehicle, it is the responsibility of the passenger to either retrieve it from the PowderCab office in Morzine or pay the postage for it to be returned.

12.2) Luggage: Bikes: PowderCab does not charge an extra fee for carrying bikes; however, the Client must let PowderCab know the number of bikes that will be brought and if they are boxed or bagged. Passengers are restricted to bringing one bike per person. The bike bag or box must not exceed 150cm length x 100cm height x 30cm depth. Please understand that bikes take up a lot of space; therefore, customers may have to put other luggage on their laps if necessary. If your bike box/bag is larger than this then please let us know at the time of booking. If the Client has not pre-booked a bike on board, the passenger or the bike may not be able to travel with PowderCab due to luggage space restrictions.

12.3) Bikes: Passengers travelling with a bike must have the correct insurance that covers transportation in a trailer. PowderCab vehicle insurance does not cover the contents of their trailer.

12.4) Slow or Lost Luggage: After landing, if any luggage is taking longer than 30 minutes to retrieve, the Client must contact PowderCab. The driver will wait for up to 45 minutes after the Party has landed. After this time, a charge of 25€ (Euro) per hour (per minibus used for the size of the group) or part thereof is required. If any luggage is lost, the Client must contact PowderCab immediately. The Client must organise just one passenger to handle lost luggage and bring the rest of the Party out as soon as possible to help the situation. PowderCab may have to put the passenger handling the lost luggage on a later service in order to get the other customers to resort in order for the driver to adhere to their schedule. PowderCab cannot wait for the lost luggage to arrive. PowderCab deal with slow or lost luggage on a case by case basis as per the rules with flight delays.

Please remember that these situations are a headache for all concerned and that it is not PowderCab losing the luggage.

13. Minors

13.1) Parent/Minders Responsibilities: An adult must accompany children under 16 years of age. They may travel with a pre-booked parent or elected guardian. The conduct and behaviour of any passenger under the age of 18 is the responsibility of accompanying adults where available.

13.2) European law states that all children under the age of 12, or under 1m 35cm in height, are required to use child seats or booster seats.

13.3) Compliant seats will be provided free of charge by PowderCab. It is the responsibility of the Client to inform PowderCab at the time of booking if any children in the Party will require child or booster seats.

14. Eating, Drinking & Smoking

14.1) Alcohol: Passengers are not permitted under any circumstances to take alcoholic drinks onboard for the purpose of consuming them therein.

14.2) Smoking and illegal substances: Smoking and illegal substances are not permitted onboard any PowderCab vehicles.

15. Damage & Soiling of the Vehicle

15.1) Damage: The Client is responsible for any internal or external damage caused by the Party to PowderCab vehicles, its equipment or property therein will be charged a minimum cost of 100€ (Euro) to cover repair/ replacement/ valeting as appropriate. Sick bags are provided.

15.2) Travel Sickness: Mountain roads by their nature have many bends and, with travel sickness, prevention is far cleaner than the cure. It is highly recommended that parents/minders make the relevant anti-travel sickness preparations for passengers under the age of 18. For example, no food or drink intake onboard (especially fizzy, sugary drinks or food etc.), take anti-sickness pills, wear anti-sickness bands etc., ensure that young passengers look out of the windows and avoid reading or playing on any type of handset. Please feel free to ask your driver to open the window for some fresh air and to pull over if necessary (if we have a tight schedule to adhere to this may not be possible). Parents and minders (and travel sickness sufferers) are in control of their travel sickness and must clean up all mess thoroughly. There is a minimum cleanup fee of 100€ (Euro).

16. Service Failure & Force Majeure

16.1) PowderCab will endeavour, at all times, to ensure that all vehicles booked are present and on time for client pick-up and that all journeys reach their destination on time.

16.2) PowderCab will not accept any liability or issue any refunds in the event of delays, loss of service or extra costs incurred by the Client due to circumstances out of the control of Powdercab. These circumstances can include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Road traffic accidents causing delays
  • Deaths or accidents causing injury on the roads
  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • Unforeseen problems caused by other passengers
  • Industrial action
  • Civil unrest
  • Any action of a third party that damages vehicles
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Actions of the police, customs officers or any other government officials that results in delay
  • Force Majeure (e.g. war, natural disaster, infectious disease, acts of God etc.)

If you encounter any problems with your transfer, please contact PowderCab as soon as possible to allow us to investigate the issue.

17. Agents & Partners

17.1) Subcontracting: PowderCab may subcontract business to other local and trusted transport operators. This may be for a number of reasons including; delays, cancellations, lost luggage, our goal to reduce our environmental impact, to help keep costs down for our customers, our availability and factors out of our control etc. PowderCab only subcontracts to companies who are also fully licensed and insured. If PowderCab do not have availability and we cannot sub-contract your transfer, you will be refunded in full.

17.2) Where PowderCab books transport for clients on services provided by operators other than Powdercab, they do so as booking agents for the operator concerned and their own conditions of carriage will apply.

18. Promotion Codes

18.1) Promotional codes are only eligible for use by the intended recipient. Promotional codes are date and service limited. Once a promocode has expired and where a booking has not been completed with payment, PowderCab can no longer honour the discount from the promocode. Any discounted prices ‘given/entered’ by misuse of a promotional code will have to be paid at the full price and PowderCab reserve the right to refuse the service until full payment is made.

19. Complaints & Disputes

19.1) Any complaints or service issues should be addressed to PowderCab via email. PowderCab will endeavour to resolve all service issues and respond to all complaints within 14 days of receipt.

19.2) Any dispute between PowderCab and a customer shall be referred to a mediator, if not resolved by mutual agreement. If mediation is unsuccessful, then the matter of the dispute will be referred to a formal litigation process through the French courts.

20. Legal

20.1) These terms and conditions are subject to French law.

20.2) Any errors on the PowderCab website will be corrected as quickly as possible. PowderCab reserves the right to cancel and refund any bookings made based on an incorrect price.

20.3) PowderCab reserve the right to apply fuel surcharges to any journey booked by the Client to reflect unforeseen rises in the local cost of fuel.

20.4) PowderCab may update the website and the Terms and Conditions without notice.

PowderCab SARL Official Information

Address: 1178 Route de la Plagne, 74110, Morzine, France

Insurance: AXA Grorod, Morzine, France

Siret No.: 80531895300025

No. Cotisant: 740300600573

No. TVA: FR84805318953

Licence No.: 2019/84/000101 & 2019/84/000100

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