At PowderCab, we are trying our best to keep our transport services up and running during this difficult time.

To do this, we are having to make a few changes in order to protect the health of both our staff and our customers by incorporating French government guidelines and our own measures into our operating procedures.

What We Are Doing

Here are a few measures we are putting in place to protect you and your driver:

  • We are in the process of installing a plexiglass separator behind the driver in all vehicles.
  • Your driver will wear a mask at all times.
  • We are introducing an improved thorough cleaning process that each driver will be required to complete between every transfer. This includes disinfecting all surfaces in the vehicle, door handles on the outside of the vehicle and airing the vehicle.
  • Your driver will frequently use hand sanitizer.

What You Can Do

We also have a few new rules which we require each customer who travels with us to kindly adhere to:

  • All passengers are required to bring their own face masks and wear them at all times while in the vehicle. Passengers who do not have a face mask will, unfortunately, be refused entry into the vehicle.
  • We encourage clients to bring their own alcohol-based hand sanitiser and to use it regularly.
  • Until further notice, we are only able to provide private transfers.
  • We are allowing clients to pay a 20% refundable deposit which will then become non-refundable 7 days before the date of travel. At which time the balance must be paid in full by credit card.
  • We kindly ask clients to keep a safe distance (at least 1 metre) from your driver in order to respect social distancing measures.
  • Clients must open/close all doors themselves.
  • Clients must load/unload their own luggage into the vehicle.
  • Clients must take all rubbish out of the vehicle

(Last updated 15/05/2020)