PowderCab Alpine Resort Transfers operate low-cost resort transfers to MorzineLes GetsAvoriazSamoensMorillon & more since 2005. We offer shared & private, door to door services with English speaking, considerate & highly trained alpine drivers. We work extremely hard in the office & on the road to ensure you will receive a high quality & a real value for money service.

Our Promise To You

Our priority is to ensure your safety, even though our transfers are low cost. This is why we handpick & carefully recruit our drivers, manage their hours responsibly & put them all on a professional alpine driving training course. Our whole team works as hard as possible to ensure the best quality service possible.

We comply with strict French and Swiss transport laws & are fully licensed & insured.

These are our official insurance and company details:

Insurance: AXA, Morzine, FR.
Siret No.: 80531895300025
Cotisant No.: 740300600573
Licence No.: 2014/82/0002271

Our Team Of Professional Drivers

Selection: We handpick & carefully recruit our drivers, manage their hours responsibly & we put them all on a professional alpine driving training course.

Manner, Service & Experience: They are all English speaking, friendly & knowledgeable. They will greet you with a smile, help you carry & load your luggage, drive you in a safe, considerate & timely manner to your destination, & give you local knowledge along the way. They know various routes to the airport & we keep in close contact with them (with vehicle trackers) if there is any traffic or road blockages & therefore know which alternate routes to take. They are well trained in how to drive in snowy conditions & in how to put on snow chains efficiently.

Qualifications & Adherence: In order to comply with the new strict Swiss laws, all our drivers have to have a clean police background check, have the necessary experience or driving qualifications needed. Furthermore, all of our drivers undergo a medical to meet strict French transport laws.

The Office Staff

Efficient & Friendly: Our English and French speaking staff are here to help you.  We work very hard to ensure that you receive the best customer service possible.

Contactable: We are contactable 24/7 & we try to answer every call that comes in. If our lines are busy (+33 6 72 99 19 48) please do feel free to call back later or send us a quick email. We endeavour to get back to every email (info@powdercab.com) we receive (usually within 2 hours) so if you do not receive a reply then we may not have received your email. In this case, please do feel free to call us.

Real-Time Tracking: We track all flight arrivals to check if your flight is on-time or not and adjust our schedule as carefully and efficiently as possible. We track traffic conditions and we know where traffic bottle-necks occur and the times of day when the roads become disrupted, and we try to preempt issues by taking alternative routes or action. We track our vehicles to help keep our services as efficient and smooth as possible and to help take alternate routes if issues on the road occur (snow, accidents, traffic, local events etc). Please visit our Real Time Monitoring Of Sevices page for more information.

Local Knowledge: We have a great deal of local knowledge having been based in Morzine for over 15 years & we have a very thorough database of accommodation & we know our local resorts very well.

The Environment

Although we aren’t the biggest operator in the world, we don’t have our heads buried in the snow. We understand the environmental impact that our business has & try to do our bit to limit their effects.

On The Road: All our vehicles have brand new eco-designed engines. We try to run our schedule as efficiently as possible; avoiding wasted trips; often waiting for long periods of time at the airport (between departures from resort & arrivals at the airport) rather than sending two separate vehicles down & we only take on services that we can actually operate.

Office: Our online reservation system negates the use of paper. Any paper that we do use, we recycle where possible along with other waste products. In addition, we try to avoid excessive use of electrical devices.

Sustainability: We are proud to be a Montagne Verte Foundation Member, one of the top tier supporters of positive environmental change in Morzine and the surrounding region.

Montagne Verte is a non-profit public benefit association working to providing solutions for mountain residents, visitors and businesses alike, to minimise their environmental impact. With funding from local residents and businesses, just like us, Montagne Verte is able to employ a Sustainability Director to work
full time on all things climate related. In collaborating closely with regional stakeholders, they aim to provide a valuable resource that brings together all kinds of helpful information and support, allowing greener decisions to be made timelier.

As a member of Montagne Verte, we are contributing to the important process of turning Morzine and its neighbouring towns into a more sustainable tourism destination.

Together we make a collective, and a collective can make a difference.