How We Monitor Vehicles, Traffic and Flights In Real-Time

In order to keep our schedule running smoothly and efficiently, we monitor lots of things in the office so that you arrive at your destination in the safest and most efficient way possible. We use real-time monitoring of our vehicles, traffic and flights using the latest technologies (and good old experience!!) to assist with scenarios that make life difficult for everyone, such as, flight delays, flight cancellations, lost or slow luggage, traffic, accidents, snow and other inclement mountain weather etc.

Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring:

We use a special vehicle tracking app in order to track our vehicles so that we know where all vehicles are at all times.  This means we can assist our drivers to avoid heavy traffic, and we can forward plan if we see that they do get slightly held up etc. It also means that we don’t have to phone them to ask where they are so they can concentrate fully on driving safely:

Car Tracks System

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring:

We use various websites in order to track traffic delays as accurately as possible to help with a stress-free service. Through our experience over the last 10 years, we know when the difficult dates and times where traffic has been historically heavy and plan accordingly of course. Its great, however, to monitor traffic in real-time so that we can send drivers different and clearer routes ensuring that our clients are being taken the most efficient route at that point in time. Furthermore, our drivers have devices onboard for even more localised traffic avoidance scenarios.

Traffic Monitoring

Real-Time Flight Monitoring:

We use various websites and apps to track flights before and after they have taken off. This means that we can more accurately adjust our schedule if flights are running later and plan ahead accordingly:

Landing in Geneva:

Inbound Flights

Taking off/enroute to Geneva:

Outbound FlightsAnd we track the Geneva airport arrivals board of course which is connected to the Geneva website (as per below). And believe us when we say that we wish all days looked like this on the arrivals board with all flights arriving on time 🙂

Checking flights daily with the GVA arrivals board to ensure efficient transfers from Geneva to ski resorts